​​Admission & Lottery

Age Requirement
Pre-K children must turn 4 by August 31st to be eligible.  Kindergarten children must turn 5 by midnight September 1st in order to register for kindergarten for the current school year.

CCCS follows the Lottery Process outlined on this page. Fill out a Lottery Form for your child for a future Pre-K class as soon as possible. We will assign a Pre-K class based on your child's birth date. 

To enter your child in the Coral Community Charter School lottery in ANY grade level, please click the “Lottery Form” button to the left and fill in the requested information.​

Intent to Return
Your student's "Intent to Return" form will be sent home in the early spring of the school year. By completing and returning it, you ensure that your child is enrolled for the following school year.

Lottery, Admissions, and Enrollment Policy
I. Public Charter School

Coral Community Charter School (CCCS) is a public charter school and as such will comply with all applicable laws regarding admission to a public charter school in New Mexico. The School shall not discriminate among applicants on the basis of disability, gender, gender identity, ethnic or national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or academic standing.

II. Lottery

A. With the exception of enrollment preferences required by law and outlined herein CCCS shall accept students on a first come first served basis. Expressed interest in enrollment will be accepted on an ongoing basis. As it is received, the registrar or designee will record all expressions of interest. In the event more expressions of interest are received than there are available openings in the School, admission shall be on the basis of lottery. Lotteries will be held for available spaces only.

B. Prior to each lottery the School will:

             1. Notify the public of the lottery date, place, and time, through a variety of media to include
                 but not limited to print, web based, and text. The information will also include how to
                 enter the lottery.

             2. Explain all procedures to members of the public attending the lottery.

C. Pursuant to the New Mexico Charter Schools Act enrollment preference shall be given to:

              1. Students who have been admitted to the charter school through an appropriate admission

                  process and remain in attendance through subsequent grades;

               2. Siblings* of students already admitted to or attending the same charter school; and 

               3. Children of employees employed by the charter school.

                        * “Siblings” means:
                             (1) students living in the same residence at least fifty percent of the time in a

                              permanent or semi-permanent situation, such as long-term foster care placements;
                              (2) students related to each other by blood, marriage or cohabitation. §22-8B-2(N)

                                     NMSA 1978.

D. Opportunities to enroll or enter the lottery will be advertised on the School’s website and through venues such as elementary schools, youth development organizations, neighborhood organizations that provide services to youth, community centers, and student academic associations.

E. All students to be enrolled will be notified via a telephone. Families of students must return the call within one (1) business days of receiving notification to enroll in the School.

III. Waitlist

After student openings are filled, all others will be placed on a waitlist. If a student expresses interest in enrolling after the lottery has been drawn the student’s name will be added to the bottom of the waitlist.

IV. Coronavirus Necessitated Lotteries

Every effort will be made to provide all students drawn in the lottery with an in-person education. However, due to the unknown duration and extent of the Coronavirus and accompanying legal restrictions it is not known by New Mexico public schools how many students will be allowed back on campus next school year. Therefore, it may be necessary for the School to have later lotteries that may modify the results of earlier lotteries in regards to in-person education. Any student wanting to participate in in-person learning that was not drawn in a lottery to be able to do so may request that he or she or they be placed on the School’s in-person learning waitlist.

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