Dawn P. Addington, MAcc
Associate Dean
School of Business & Information Technology 
Central New Mexico Community College

Southwest Dairy Farmers

Past Speakers

  • Dr. Van Ward- UNM Hospital Pharmacist
  • Tyree Boyd- female balloonist
  • Dr. Chiang & Tyree Boyd- NICU nurse and doctor
  • Deyra Dodrill- restaurant owner
  • Mr. Garcia- Los Lunas Fire Chief LLFD
  • Matt King- EMT/ Firefighter
  • Noel De La Riva- Owner/Operator of McDonald's
  • Dr. Andrew De La Riva- Chemical Engineer at Sandia National Laboratories
  • Cindy Veitch- Computer engineer
  • Seager Condit- personal fitness trainer

Will Makarski, spoke to our students on Monday 9/15/2014 about drones. During his presentation he spoke about how hard he worked to reach his goal.  He had to maintain three jobs to pay for his drone! He spoke about respecting the FAA guidelines for air space and how he protected our "precious students" by using certain settings on the drone. Thank you Mr. Makarski for sharing your time with us!

‚ÄčGuest Speakers