Boys and girls program students must be age 4 by August 31

of the current school year.

​Coral Community Charter School is the only single-gender school in the state of New Mexico. Our mission statement is: Coral Community Charter School will serve Albuquerque students, Pre-K to 6th grade, who choose to attend. We are dedicated to providing single-gender classes, quality instruction, individualization, and family/community involvement to ensure students proficiency. Teachers are dedicated to the high standards set forth in the charter.

Our unique Pre-K program, located in Albuquerque’s historic Nob Hill, has 4 full day sessions. The students attend Monday through Thursday from 8am to 3 pm. There are 20 students in each session with one teacher and one educational assistant. We maintain an on-going waiting list. Families benefit from the 4 full-day programs, unique after school programs and strong school community. Student educational opportunities are extended throughout the community using carefully planned community instruction that aligns with the developmental interaction approach.

Coral Community Charter School Pre-K uses developmentally appropriate practices and scaffolds student learning individually through the use of PEP's. Student growth and development is monitored using New Mexico’s early learning outcome essential indicators and individual student portfolios. Focus is placed on all areas of development for the individual child with specific emphasis on social/emotional development and academic pre-readiness. The learning environment is designed to meet the needs of the students and encourage this development through a variety of hand on learning activities. Families are active members in their child's educational planning and engaging families in the learning process is a

key component to the success of our students.​​